Economia circolare nel vending

Circular Economy...  applied to food & beverage. A mandatory necessity!

Circular Economy...  applied to food & beverage. A mandatory necessity!

Services and active programs

We create feasible projects and processes to offer our customers solutions that respond to market demands. Great attention is paid to the contents and operating procedures. All this for the benefit of the health of people and the environment and that can be summarized in the concept of sustainability and responsibility.


Separate waste collection means respecting the community because it reduces the environmental footprint and generates a new life for waste and packaging. We can therefore consider separate waste collection as a gesture of solidarity towards the environment and future generations.


Water is much more than what we see, it is life and it is us. We drink it, we use it for cooking and for personal hygiene. Water is fundamental for our well-being and that is why our professional operators are committed every day to guarantee you the water that best meets your needs, your tailor-made water.


Micro plastics represent a huge problem and are present in many commonly used and everyday products; they vary in size, but these are typically plastic particles less than 5 millimeters in size, which can then easily pass through wastewater filters, making it impossible to recover and manage them. It is not only about the health of the environment but also about ours.


It is an environmental footprint calculation program, created specifically to archive sustainability objectives, thus being able to implement containment and improvement policies.  Measuring and knowing one’s environmental footprint is a fundamental and preparatory step to any activity to improve one’s performance.


It is an environmental footprint calculation program designed specifically for schools, designed to achieve sustainability objectives, thus being able to implement containment and improvement policies. Measuring and knowing your environmental footprint is a key step in reducing your impact on the environment.