Economia circolare nel vending
Products, accessories and solutions  are dedicated to out-of-home  consumption of healthy and  sustainable food and drinks
Products,  accessories and solutions  are dedicated  to out-of-home  consumption of  healthy and  sustainable  food and drinks

Sustainable vending and catering services

We are a company specialized for over 35 years in healthy and sustainable food consumption out of home. Our organization, through common experiences put into practice, allows all our clients to achieve sustainability goals related to catering services in all facilities. Our product and service offerings are a concrete support to companies that manage catering services for the benefit of their own clients’ well-being and the reduction of their environmental footprint. To reinforce their social responsibility and corporate welfare for a market that increasingly focuses on sustainability and the achievement of a circular economy.

Sustainable vending and catering? It's possible with us

All our proposals are integrable with individual corporate identities and fully comply with the 2030 Agenda, a document signed by the governments of un member countries to achieve their own goals. Taking action to reduce the environmental footprint and improve the quality of the food we consume is essential to safeguarding our health and that of the environment that surrounds us. Intervening in the agri-food sector with healthy and sustainable solutions is fundamental to achieving this purpose and this is our mission. Protecting the ecosystem and people’s health is at the forefront of our activity, which is why we support eco-sustainable solutions for the benefit of the environment and the consumer.

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Sustainable vending and catering services?

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