Economia circolare nel vending
A positive product and  solution offer for people  and the environment
A positive product and solution offer  for people and  the environment

Naturally sustainable products and accessories

In an increasingly aware world of current environmental and social challenges, it is essential to choose products, accessories, and equipment that are in harmony with sustainability principles. Our proposals save resources and reduce waste by creating value and market opportunities for growth. In fact, it improves the quality of life and the well-being of the environment we live.

Organic and fairtrade coffee

Coming from organic farming, coffee is a righful product, created and marketed in compliance with the rights of workers in developing countries. It is a search for the maximum that nature can give, to rediscover and enhance the beneficial characteristics of coffee as a response to the essential need for health and  functionality  and pleasure

Organic and healthy oven snacks, sweet and savory

Products made with raw materials from organic crops, do not contain food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and GMOs: by virtue of these characteristics, they can help prevent and reduce the disorders generally related to improper nutrition. It is the consumer himself who requests, even outside the home, healthy and safe products, because he knows that this choice is equivalent to investing in his own health.

100% natural dried fruits and nuts

Italian snacks made of a mix of genetically modified organism-free dried fruits and nuts. They provide a high amount of fiber, manganese, and natural, valuable, and totally bioavailable vitamins. They are low in sodium and cholesterol, hydrogenated fats, coloring agents, and preservatives. Being nutritionally balanced and healthy, they are included in most European food education initiatives for students and everyone else and suitable for anyone.

Organic, gluten-free, and vegan ready-made meals

Ready meals both in mono and multi portion, made without ingredients of animal origin, coming from organic farming, to meet the needs of all those who wish to modify your eating style in a conscious way, without giving up a nutritious and tasty diet. The careful research of the materials that lead to the creation of products with an authentic taste and exalted by refined and imaginative preparations. Controlled temperature at 4°C.

Hot cold drinks sugar-free

A line of soluble ingredients  for the production of hot and cold drinks, developed and manufactured to replace classic or conventional drinks. It is a 10+SANO brand product, which it guarantees its healthiness and real absence of added sugars. Of course, they are free of preservatives, food coloring and synthetic sweeteners.

Fruit and vegetable juices 10+SANO®

You will discover the taste of freshly picked fruits and vegetables thanks to the innovative HPP cold pasteurization treatment that preserves the original nutritional properties and original aromas 100% natural products, without the addition of water, sugar, preservatives, sweeteners, food colouring and artificial flavors. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Compostable paper cups and accessories

Compostable and biodegradable accessories for automatic distribution and food establishments that guarantee excellent performance and resistance, in accordant with the European waste directive EC/12/2006 and the European standard EN13432, allow you to make the waste cycle with zero impact.

Sustainable products and accessories

in this way, what was previously undifferentiated and consequently expensive, now becomes a resource and economic savings for you and your customers.

Post-consumer waste differentiators

The correct separation facilitates separate collection in all workplaces, study, reception and tourism places. There are in fact various solutions depending on the needs and on the waste generated after consumption of waste generated after consumption. 

Sustainable products and accessories

Modular solutions depending on the location and available spaces. They can be differentiated from 3 different types of waste up to more than 11 in very small spaces.

Cardboard furnishings and fittings

The structures and furnishings harmonize all the machinery of the Refreshment Areas. They are made of triple wave cardboard, virgin, composed of cellulose, cornstarch and peas or potato starch. All composed from natural products without the use of adhesives, chemicals, or harmful substances (SVHC list). Zero formaldehyde and totally recyclable. A decisive role in the adoption of a lifestyle that is sustainable for the environment.

Water dispensers and distributors

We have selected for you the best network water dispensers and distributors for offices and companies. Consumers will have the opportunity to use network water in an innovative and hygienic way. Using a water dispenser or distributor in the office or in a company will guarantee a significant reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere – for each individual dispensing – compared to buying water packaged in P.E.T. or other materials. This results in an extremely eco-friendly and much more convenient service compared to traditional bottled water purchases.

Professional fixed and mobile refrigeration

The management of the cold chain with the professional mobile refrigeration line, is made specifically for the needs of transport and maintenance of products. It is a mobile equipment that can be installed on any non-internal thermo isolated vehicle. Our dual temperature solution can adapt to any vehicle that is electric, hybrid or classic fuel. Totally independent of the engine, the refrigeration unit comes into operation during the stationary phase.