Economia circolare nel vending

There's never a second chance... to make  a first good impression

There's never a second chance... to make  a first good impression

Our responsible and sustainable group

The Bontorin group  is today one of the most important Italian companies in the field of sustainability applied to services, of food and beverage of necessity and impulse, present in places of study and work. With our partners, brands and projects, we guarantee health, food and environmental sustainability  in the places of study and work: a social and market trend, originated by  unprecedented environmental emergencies.

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Commercial agency

This is a specialized activity aimed at promoting and selling only healthy and sustainable products. It is targeted exclusively to B2B operators who manage and operate in the food service and out-of-home consumption sectors. Specifically, it benefits all companies – whether directly managed or distributed – that operate in vending, catering, and food service.

Consultancy services

This message is directed at all companies that want to implement sales projects and activate new strategies aimed at applied sustainability. Market analysis and product marketing, from study to business plan creation. Our activities are cross-functional and interconnected. Our driving force is environmental impact and health.

alimenti e bevande a basso impatto sociale ed ambientale

Sustainable format

The trademark PIÚINFORMA® identifies an eco-friendly format with a certified impact level applicable to all catering services. It is the result of years of experience and numerous partnerships with important manufacturers who, in addition to sharing the same values, pay great attention to the impact of their products on the health of consumers and the environment that hosts us.

Quality Food

10+EQUO® is a registered trademark with European coverage, aimed at providing a socially fair and sustainable identity to food and beverage products. It promotes the dissemination and knowledge of the food supply chain and ingredients for the benefit of consumers. A strict set of guidelines defines the parameters for obtaining the trademark. For us, fairness is circular among producers, farmers, processors, and consumers. Thanks to the controlled supply chain and the presence of the trademark, everyone can buy quality products at a fair price.

Quality Products

10+SANO® is a European registered trademark that promotes greater dissemination, recognizability, and visibility of food products generically defined as “health-giving” for the benefit of consumers. It is a clear signal for those who buy, helping them to easily identify the products that best suit their needs, even before reading commercial messages and labels that are often difficult to understand and see. A healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet are important, so choose 10+SANO® products.