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Calls for tenders and concessions, Article 62 of 36/2023 of the procurement code and CAM

Bandi di gara e concessioni. Calls for tenders and concessions

From 1 March 2024 and the Minimum Environmental Criteria published by the MA.S.E. in the Official Gazette from 2 December 2023 will be operational.

A missing piece in the project of the Ministry of the Environment aimed at accompanying Public Institutions towards more conscious and sustainable choices.

Calls for tenders and concessions, procurement code and CAM

This document, in order to achieve the objectives defined in the context of the Action Plan for the environmental sustainability of public administration consumption adopted pursuant to Article 1, paragraphs 1126 and 1127 of Law no. 296/2006 by decree of the Minister of the Environment, Land and Sea in agreement with the Minister of Economic Development and Economy and Finance of 11 April 2008,  it aims to contain the environmental impacts related to catering services through the installation of food and beverage vending machines, refreshment services (bars) and the service of serving sandwiches and similar products and, to this end, establishes the Minimum Environmental Criteria. In order to favor the consumption of mains water over the consumption of bottled mineral water, whenever technically possible and appropriate, the Minimum Environmental Criteria are defined for additional categories of green procurement, i.e. the supply, installation and operation of water houses, taking into account that works contracts for the construction of mains water supply points for drinking water in indoor or outdoor environments are also (installation of drinking fountains with taps, drinking bottles, etc.) are green contracts by their very nature.

Calls for tenders and concessions, procurement code and CAM

But at the same time, the Procurement Code does not allow non-accredited Contracting Authorities (SA for short) (Article 62 of 36/2023) to publish notices for the services in question. A cleaver that affects the (SA) with low administrative staff. Will it be intentional? You don’t have to know. What is certain is that the risk of seeing concession catering services disappear from the social fabric is very high, in this case all educational institutes, from comprehensive to high schools.

On the merits of the last point, however, ANAC has provided that accredited SAS can publish them on their behalf. Given the unforeseen workload that would be added to you, our company offers its own specialist services to support you.

Who we are and what we do:

Calls for tenders and concessions, procurement code and CAM

We are a company that operates in the fields of Vending Machines, School and Company Canteens, Indoor Bars, Catering and H2O Network Dispensers with low social and environmental impact. An in-house consulting Business Unit is active to support our customers during all phases and all the elements, legal and technical, of which a call for tenders is characterized. 

In particular, we deal with:

  1. Choice of the procedure appropriate to the service and SA
  2. market research related to the desired service.
  3. drafting of tender documentation (e.g.: Tender Regulations, Specifications) adapted to the most recent legal regulations.
  4. drafting of the contract for the provision of the requested services, tailored to the Customer’s needs.
  5. support in relations with qualified central purchasing bodies.
  6. Basic technical structure of the tender in order to obtain the best sustainable offer on the market.
  7. Audit. Annual monitoring and impact reports on the services awarded

We thank you for your attention, and we offer our availability for telephone or e-mail interviews for further information (direct contact by phone, e-mail or web by clicking here).

You can also find us on the Me.Pa portal, in the section: Service Catalog.

Offers selected on the basis of the specific needs of the requesting P.A.


The sustainable FOOD network

The identity card for socially and environmentally low-impact healthy products for the benefit of consumers.

The “identity card” of healthy and fair food with low environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

This is a company specialized in healthy and sustainable food consumption outside the home for over 35 years. They sell eco-sustainable products and services.

The Association has been a Social Promotion entity since October 2022 and has always been active in the food industry for the benefit of consumers. It works for the common good and to leave a planet for young people to live on.

BONTORIN ti aiuta a fare la differenza!

Un partner ideale per le aziende e privati, che vogliono migliorare il proprio ed altrui benessere a beneficio dell'ambiente

BONTORIN helps you make a difference!

An ideal partner for businesses and individuals who want to improve their own and others' well-being for the benefit of the environment.

La rete DEL FOOD sostenibile

La carta d’identità dei prodotti sani a basso impatto sociale ed ambientale a beneficio dei consumatori.

La carta d’identità degli alimenti sani ed equi a basso impatto ambientale a beneficio dei consumatori. 

E’ una società specializzata da oltre 35 anni nei consumi alimentari sani e sostenibili fuori casa. Vendita di prodotti e servizi eco-sostenibili.

L’Associazione a Promozione Sociale è attiva nella filiera dell’agroalimentare a beneficio dei consumatori. Opera per il bene comune e lasciare ai giovani un pianeta sul quale viverci.

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